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Wimperextensions benodigdheden
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Want to buy a Lash Lift kit? Then you are at the right place with eyelash extensions supplies. We offer one of the most comprehensive lash lifting products worldwide, including a very complete lash lift kit. InLei® is Italian high-tech, a brand that stands out from the crowd. Clinically tested in laboratories and the University of Milan.


Why wimperextensions benodigdheden

  • Exclusive brands.
  • Official HQ and trainings location London Lash Pro Netherland!
  • You get a Lifetime support after following one of our trainings!
  • London Lash Pro an award winning brand world wide!
  • Clinical tested products!
  • Cruelty free!
Starterkit - InLei LashLift & Filler startpakket

InLei LashLift & Filler startpakket

€ 199,00 Ordered before 15:00, shipped today (business days)

All in one package if you want to start with InLei® lash lift & Filler.

If you want to purchase everything at once to work with these great products, we also have a complete lash lift kit in the range. With this package you can do at least 15 treatments. In addition to the lash lift kit, you can find many other accessories that not only look beautiful, but are also very handy! Think of various brushes, mixing sticks, but also disinfection products that disinfect your work surfaces and used tools in a few minutes.

We always recommend a good training

If you are not yet experienced with this treatment, we always recommend training. They are products for professional use and for beautiful results you have to perform every step perfectly. You can also follow various training courses with us.

A lash lift product with proven effectiveness

No disappointing results, because Inlei® has been developed and tested to do what it says it does. So the InLei® lash lift products give an average of 31% more curl to the lashes and make the lashes on average 24% thicker. The lash lift products are user-friendly, animal-free, paraben-free and clinically tested.

revolutionary serum that stimulates the root and proliferation of keratin

The lash lift package also includes the "LASH FILLER", which is a revolutionary serum, as it not only affects the thickness of the already grown hair but also stimulates the root and the proliferation of keratin. The application is simple and safe and the total treatment takes about 60-75 minutes.

If you have any questions about our lash lift kit or products, please contact us

Would you like to buy a lash lift kit or one of our other products, but still have questions? please send us an email. You can also come by appointment to pick up a lash lift kit or other products. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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