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FAQ about glue

FAQ ( Frequently asked questions)

-What glue is best for me?
The suitable conditions for our adhesives are listed in the Glue Chart.

- Does this glue contain latex/formaldehyde?
This glue is vegan, cruelty free and free from latex and formaldehyde.

- I need a glue with low fumes, which is best?
Quicker drying adhesives may have stronger fumes compared to slower drying glues. Our glue with lowest
flumes is Velvet.

- Do you have a sensitive glue?
No, as the main bonding ingredient is cyanoacrylate which is present in all glues. Slower drying glues have less
cyanoacrylate but may still cause irritation and allergic reaction. Our adhesive with the smallest cyanoacrylate
percentage is Velvet.

- Which glue has the best retention?
For advanced lash technicians, adhesives with higher % of cyanoacrylate can offer better retention. For good
retention the pre-treatment has to be completed correctly and the glue has to be stored properly.
Factors like experience level, speed of treatment, humidity and temperature in the room can affect retention.

- Do you have a clear glue?
Yes, our clear glue is called Crystal Bond.

-My fans are closing, is my glue too slow for me?
Review the necessary conditions for your glue. Alternatively, try a faster drying glue. You can also use Booster
on the lash strip to prevent the fans from closing.

-Glue doesnt dry, why?
Your room conditions may be affecting the polymerisation process of the adhesive. We would suggest trying to
increase the humidity in the room for faster adhesive polymerisation. Alternatively, you can use Booster on the
lash strip and on natural lashes to increase the speed of polymerisation.

-Glue appears clear, is it normal?
Every glue should be shaken for at least 1 minute prior use for the ingredients to mix. Ensure you shake the glue
each time you open it and refresh your glue drop.

-Glue became gloopy, why?
Ensure your glue is not expired and that it was stored correctly in a cool, dark place, away from humidity and
direct sunlight. Ensure that no residue glue in the nozzle has been pushed back into the glue bottle - this may
ruin the rest of the glue. Wiping the nozzle with wet wipe will cause glue in the bottle becoming gloopy. Not
closing the lid correctly straight after pouring out the drop of glue can cause the glue become gloopy. Glue that
has been opened for longer than 8 weeks is prone to becoming gloopy.

-How do I clean my glue nozzle?
Use a small piece of wax strip to wipe off the glue from the nozzle after every use. Keep the bottle in an upright
position and squeeze the bottle gently to get glue residue out of the nozzle.

-My glue nozzle got blocked, what do I do?
You can purchase a spare nozzle to replace the blocked nozzle. If the nozzle got stuck to the cap, we
recommend trying our Glue Rescue Kit.

-How do I store opened glue correctly?
The Thermopack or the Air tight container will protect your glue from humidity, storing in a cool place is
recommended away from direct sunlight.

-Can I store the glue in the fridge?
Never keep an opened glue in the fridge. The glue does not like the changes in temperature: please store it in a
cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, but not in the fridge as the humidity there is high.

- I got to the end of a lash set and the lashes brushed out, why is that?
Review your pretreatment procedure and room conditions necessary for your glue. If you have recently switched
from syrupy consistency glue to watery glue, ensure you pick up a sufficient amount of glue on the extension as
watery glue is drying faster. Alternatively, switch to a slower drying glue as this glue might be too fast for you.

- Can I lash a pregnant client? (kind of about glue - thats the main concern)
Yes you can, however the retention may differ due to hormone changes.Also the client may be more prone to an
allergic reaction.
We would always advise to check with your insurance company if they allow the treatment on a pregnant client.

- My client had an allergic reaction, can I do their lashes again?
No, because if they develop an allergic reaction once they are more prone to develop it in the future.

-My client’s eyes are stinging straight after the treatment, what do I do?
Use Mini Cooli at the end of the treatment to reduce the fumes. Using Superbonder can also help with glue
polymerisation and reducing the irritation from fumes.

Please note that these are only suggestions and if you’re experiencing further problems with your glue feel free to
contact our customer service.

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  FAQ about glue - FAQ about glue
FAQ about glue - FAQ about glue
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